Jackson Couse

Made This


Queen’s Diner

For a couple of years I lived in New York, and around the corner from my house in Queens was Hugue and Sara’s diner: Magazine Wells.

Home Ice

While I living in New York I was feeling pretty homesick, so I started going to hockey games. Home Ice was made at Aviator Arena in Brooklyn where the New York Aviators, a semi-pro hockey team, play.

Playing House

Fait Maison (French for “home made”) was an art collective and performance series in Gatineau, Quebec. I photographed their performances for three years.

Tang Coin Laundry on Somerset West in Chinatown in Ottawa Canada

Sociological Walk

A live public performance, social intervention, and group investigation of Chinatown in Ottawa, Canada, where I grew up. Basically the same process that I use for taking picutres, but with done with 50 people instead of a camera.